New Adventure Online! The Hidden City

Check out our brandnew adventure !!

A big thank you and words of praise go to Den Patrick for this awesome addition to the Bass !! Cheers !

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph
Five Fingers Contest Update

"Oh for the love of Morrow Emmer!!! How could you ??"
"What's wrong Baz?"
"You know that list of gangmembers we were keeping? Well, Em lost it. And of course it had to happen on the day High Captain Waernuk is coming over to check the list !"

Well the contest is closed, the entries have been gathered (and no we didn't lose any) and provided to Privateer Press and we are eagerly awaiting their announcement of the winner. As you can imagine the chaps at Privateer are extremely busy so please have some more patience. The winner will be posted as soon we have the info.

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph
Another 4 new Adventure Seeds

Rhul of Thumb, From Khador with love, Home Is Where The Horror Is..., and Secret Sobs have been added to our Adventure Seeds.

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph
Five Fingers Contest

"Ahhh yes, that pit of vice that man calls Five Fingers. Many a proud visitor worth his salt walking the winding streets of that hell hole has been found in a back alley, stripped from clothes, life and dignity. And not necessarily in that order, my friend!!! It's a dangerous place to live and breathe in, unless you're the kind of brave and reckless dwarf that happens to tell you this story, lad…

Now, did I tell you how I ran into the mayhem that came to be called the Blue Tankard Brawl?
No, it seems?

Well, it all started when those three Gobbers walked in with this huge basket of turnips…"

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph
Another 4 new Adventure Seeds

Good Samara'kins, Abducted, The Scrutator's Mask, and Search for the Gods have been added to our Adventure Seeds.

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph

New Adventure Online! The Silver Box

The Silver Box is an adventure for characters of level 4-5. It was written by Buccaneer Bass Regular Jason Sonia known on the board as Mechlord.

We would like to thank Jason for all the hard work he put into this adventure.

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph
Iron Kingdoms Lunar Calendar online

A great calendar featuring the lunar phases of the moons and all known festivals. A big thank you goes out to Tom Jensen for creating and sharing this calendar.

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph
Another 3 new Adventure Seeds

The Cost of Room and Board, A Twist on an Old Favourite, and Knowledge is power... have been added to our Adventure Seeds.

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph

New Adventure Online! Jack of All Sides

Added to the Adventures section is our second, completely free, downloadable, full-fledged, ready-to-play adventure featuring the dynamic duo Defeat and Restoration.
Download the Jack of All Sides PDF now!! Cheers!

UPDATE: seems we forgot to give proper credit to Thomas F. Christensen (Battlebred) for the Vectorbased IK map. Rectified in the new download! Thanks, Thomas!

Note: meticulously hidden somewhere in the Buccaneer Bass web site, you can find an exclusive signed copy of the adventure. Go hunt around some!

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph

Witchfire Trilogy Maps

As of now stored in our Maps section are the Church of Morrow in Corvis and the Witches Tomb from the Witchfire Trilogy.
Courtesy of Chibbell from www.siglerdesign.com. Thanks a bunch!

UPDATE: added his WFT handouts as well.

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph

Buccaneer Bass at Salute

Last weekend one of the biggest miniature conventions was held at the Excel venue in London. As the time had come for Salute and as Privateer Press would be well represented, we thought it would be nice to show up as well. So we sent Buccaneer Ralph over to England to do some PR (Public Ralpheisms).

We were overcome with joy when we heard about all the positive feedback Ralph had received at Salute. A lot of people stepped up and congratulated/thanked/praised us for the website. It was great to meet up with you and hear your opinions and ideas (apparently we need to put up a cattle ranger or shepherd prestige class 'cause 'What do people eat in the IK' ?? ). We would like to thank everyone for the kind words. It's really motivating to see our efforts appreciated, so we will strive to keep up the good work and hopefully we'll even manage timelier updates.

A big thanks goes out to :
- Privateer Press for supporting us and the whole European scene.
- The pressgang at Salute for all the demonstrations and their dry British humour.
- The pressgang member from Poland (!) who showed up at Salute to give demonstrations.
- Tom Jensen for using about 90% of what's online on our site in his personal campaign. Although I think poor Phineas might disagree...

The Buccaneer Bass Crew: Koen, Ralph, Steven & Tom

Informer: Buccaneer Ralph


“The Orgoth never got within an Argus’ yell of the Fingers. Between the Ordic navy and the cliffs, the city was never in any danger. Simple minded folk tell tales about flying monsters, Orgoth fireballs exploding in the streets, and things coming up through the ground – but if that was true why aren’t we all speaking Orgoth now? Eh?"

The complete Steamspire trilogy, as it appeared on the PrivateerPress forums some time ago. Now stored here to preserve its existence. Big thanks to Patrick Taylor, the author.

Informer: Patrick Taylor
Prestige Class: The Revolutionary

While The Revolutionary may be known as a freedom fighter to his people, he is often marked as a vigilante by his oppressors.
Here's another Prestige Class as written up by Jaye Sonia.

Informer: Tom
Another 5 new Adventure Seeds

High Stakes on the Caspian Express, Big Squid, The Stolen Font, Clackers I tells ya! and Assassin Business join the ranks of our Adventure Seeds.

Informer: Tom
Thornwood area RPG map

Battlebred has composed a map of the Thornwood area based on the Theatre of War maps released by Privateer Press. Stripped from the markup and lining meant for WARMACHINE map-based campaigns, it now represents quite a big area, sporting crisp graphics and ideally suited for RPG settings.

Informer: tom
Character Sheet

"Oy! You! You wanna be a soldier? Than start by filling out this form and wipe that funny smile from your face! "

Download your PDF Character Sheet and Spells List.

UPDATE (again): New versions of the Character Sheet and Spells List are available, addressing some suggestions made on the Privateer Press forums.

Informer: Drafting officer at the Quad
Winner of the Jeeber's Blue Frenzy Contest

The votes have been cast, the points have been added up and the result is known. Let the winner of the Blue Frenzy contest step up to accept his prize: a signed copy of the Liber Mechanika!!
The Buccaneer Bass Crew and the Abstrusion Crew would like to thank all who have participated in the contest for their effort in providing us with some notion on what exactly a Blue Frenzy is. It has been very helpful in determining the little bugger.
Congratulations to our winner : MJ Harnish !!! You will be contacted very soon by Mr. Christopher Drake concerning the prize and final edits of your submission.

Informer: Baz and Maghar
She Wolves and the Son of Nine Dragons

Over time, Matthew Barron has been publishing over 140 pages of fiction in a thrilling story called She Wolves and the Son of Nine Dragons on the Privateer Press forums. Both the Bass and he wanted to accredit this with something more than a few forum threads, so we've agreed to host it here in its entirety, full story uptil now as well as the upcoming parts. Enjoy!

Informer: Ralph
The Jeeber's Blue Frenzy Contest

"Maghar, Maghar, wake up !!"
"What is it, Baz? For blasted... I was tryin' to sleep here. Can't this wait until morning? Damn near fell off my chair!"
"Well, I uh.. I was just listening to old man Jaechem tellin' a tale, and uh, well, he passed out drunk, right off his stool."
"What's so strange about that? He's old, can't handle near as much as he used to. In fact, that's a good reason to leave a man sleepin', if you get my idea..."
"He only did it when I kept asking what a Blue Frenzy is! I was hoping you knew too, you usually know all about that sorta stuff. He kept talking about it, but wouldn't say what one is!"
"Well, I, uh... Yeah, I seem to remember something about that. Let me just get comfortable again and I'll start... grmph.. pffff.. grrrroan..."
"Not you now !!"

Informer: Baz and Maghar
Healer's Gambit

Solovin stepped down off his horse with a creak of leather and the distinctive jingle of the heavy links of chained mail. His boots were muddy, his cloak soiled, and his rugged face and hands covered with the dust of the road. He had ridden long and hard, and he swayed slightly as he stepped to the ground, before recovering his balance...

We're proud to present . Healer's Gambit ., an original and never before published Doug Seacat story, picturing events of an 1800-year distant past.

Informer: Doug Seacat
Interview Rob Baxter - September 2005

Ralph's press card expired about 10 years ago but he still managed to get past the security at the Baxter residence and hook up with Rob Baxter, author of the Liber Mechanika. All that ninja training finally paid off.

Informer: Ralph

"Map? We don't need no stinkin' map. And we're not lost. I'm an experienced pathfinder, and I could find my way out of a cave blindfolded and walking backwards. Follow me!"

Informer: Maghar, just before falling into a pond in the Thornwood.
Adventure Seeds, just when you needed 'em

Again, 4 new. Adventure Seeds . for your perusal. Locations involved are an island, the docks, Strangelight Workshop and even the Thornwood Forest.

Informer: Tom
Founding Day Contest: all the entries

It's been a while, but finally all submissions for the Corvis Founding Day Competition have been put up. Resulting in an amazing 43 stories, in addition to the 3 we provided as examples, as our participants each wrote up a celebration event taking place in Corvis.
We've provided artwork for a few of them as well (go hunt around some), and our winner's entry "The Dark Lady's Chase" got an extra turn of editing by its author, Christopher Drake. Remember that the score was orginally tied with Kenshi's "Hit The Gobber", and we had Matt Wilson decide on the eventual winner. Enjoy!!

Informer: Tom